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Ako ang Kaluwasan : I am the Salvation

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This picture was taken last August 2008, at Marvilla beach in Opol, Misamis Oriental. It was the birthday celebration one of our barkada, Colcats. We have so much fun! Lots of drinks, foods and games.

Starring Joey and his X

Before the game

Miming and Ryan Bangason

"Rambo 5"

Brokeback Mountain

One of the game was black jack. The one who lost will have his face painted with charcoal! hahaha, So all of their faces were painted black except for one person! Guess who? Hahaha, It was Algen! (hahaha, me?)

"Flawless Victory!"

"Black Jack!"

Astang: "Ako ang Kaluwasan!"

One unforgettable thing that happened their was when we were all got drunk and Astang said a line that made us all laugh out loud! He said: "Ako ang kaluwasan!". And till that day, we used to call him "Ang Kaluwasan" ("The Salvation") sometime.

A Message by Colcats that Made Me Read the Bible

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Here's a message of Colcats that he send me through text, here it goes...

"A new Pastor moved into town and went out to visit his community. He came into a closed house, but it was obvious that someone was home. He knocked several times but no one answered. He took a card and wrote "Revelation 3:20" on the back. The next day he found the card on the offering plate, written below his message was "Genesis 3:10". He opened the Bible to read the passage and he let out a roar of laughter."

Have a break! Read the Bible to fit in. Sure thing you'll also be curious about the passages and open the Bible just like me and the Pastor.

Vacation in the Air

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*sigh* Now that school is over, vacation is in the air. everyone in gone in the cafe. No one to play DOTA and everything is silent. I wish they all have their summer classes so that the Estop cafe will be happy again! Last Saturday, I wasn't been able to join the Airsoft combat! *cry* Hope this week or next, they'll be all coming back.

The New Estop Bois Graduates!

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Finally after years of struggle, fighting to make grades in the red line, another members of the family made it! Algen, Astang, Earl, Pachuchay and Lagumbay graduated last March 20, 2009. The new Computer Science graduates were Algen, Astang, Earl and Lagumbay. Pachuchay graduated in Information Management. Another stepping stone in their lives. New challenges are yet to come in the real world.

Whats exciting being a graduate and a member of Estop family is that your will have a free 1-day play all-you-can at Estop Divisoria, it's been a tradition, a tribute to those who were loyal to Estop Cafe.

The Graduates!

Algen and Pachuchay

Last January 10, 2009

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I'm back blogging for Estop!

After a long time, I was able to visit my home/tambayan. It was last saturday, January 10, 2009. I went to the cafe and found my friends playing DOTA. It was 10:30 in the evening when I got there. They were almost finished playing the game. We plan to have a one game, but the cafe was closing. So we decided to go to Ryan Bangason's place and have some ""mistiza"! A drink with the combination of Tanduay, Redhorse beer and coca cola.

We had some movie and after finishing the movie and the drink, we decided to play DOTA again. A little tipsy, we walk the road and find some open Internet cafe. We reached Divisoria but no Cafes were open. So we decided to go "Lugawan", along Capistrano street. A hot "Goto with egg"(Filipinos love this) help our heads recover a little. After we finished, we find another cafe, and found ourselves in a cafe near Lourdes College, I think the name of the cafe was Vogz. We had only one game there because the cafe was up only until 2am. So we hit the road and went to another shop, in Cyvelnet cafe. We played there for I think 3 hours. 5:00 am, the rain outside was so heavy, that it flooded again some parts of Cagayan de Oro. So we headed to Ryan Bangasons place and take a good nap at around 5:30 in the morning with a heavy rain. The rain lasted up to now, the time where I posted this. May God Bless and protect CDO and its neighboring place at this difficult times.


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