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The everyday life of a person who was a part and will always be a part of Estop Cafe.

Estop Divisoria Renovated. .

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Last Saturday, Estop Divisoria was renovated. They apply a new paint in the cafe, I don't know what color was it cause I haven't been there. Roter said that they installed a new spy camera just like the other branches of Estop in carmen.

Man we were like exiles this few days because we don't have "tambayan", so we ended up playing billiards near the school. With miming, colcats, edlibat, dagul and me, we played for about a couple of hours ans I lost 50 bucks in playing. Damn, tsk tsk tsk, if I played that 50 bucks for dota, I would have played 3 hours!

Waiting Again..

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I went to the shot this morning because I was waiting for someone (secret). . Only few were in the cafe and only Joey and Ryan Gamay was in there (as usual). An hour later RoTer came and I ask him if where are the others. He said that it was the Final Exam Week of the summer, that is why, no ones in there, maybe their busy studying or has exams. Then RoTer and I have our lunch, he treat me with softdrink and we talk about ***** (ooops this is a little secret). Then we came back to the cafe, it was a little boring for the Kolokois were not there, so we decided to play Winkawaks. Damn, I could not beat RoTer in Mavel Super Heroes! Then few minutes later, X came by looking for his lost papers, but he could not see it there, maybe he has an exam or he must be busy studying, then he returned to school. We continued playing Kawaks, then Ghost Fighter until it's almost 2pm, time for my duty.

This was texted by Neil Espera...

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"A Hand-made Wallet"

An ill child was brought to the hospital. After her treatment, the mother showed a hand made wallet and said:

"There are things we can't pay, I hope you take this wallet I made for you."

The Doctor said: "I don't practice for sentimental reasons. Pay me Php 10,000"

The lady opened the wallet, took out the Php 25,000 and gave the doctor Php 10,000...
Then she replied: "You are a very good doctor but I wish you were a better person..."

We're F!?

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I was having my breakfast when Earl texted me that we got an F grade in our Senior Project! For the nights that we were awake, having our hardest time making the documents and the outputs, and this is all we got?! But I was hoping he was lying though..

where are they?

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I went to the shop to find earl for our discussion about our senior project. What I have seen there were the same people who were always in the cafe. Joey, Sio, Go, James and Ryan Gamay. I haven't seen earl so I just stand by there for some time and played my latest favorite song, How Six Songs Collide.

The E-stop Divisoria Family : The Profiles

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Name : Algen Rejie L. Dela Cruz
Estop Nickname: "Enes"
B-day : June 20, 1986
Address: Talakag, Bukidnon
Interest: dota, music, tv, choir
Favorite Line: "Murag Timos", "atai", "lolz", "Kaging!"
About Him: He is the author of this blog, kind, fun to be with, he likes to make jokes everytime and loves to play music in the cafe always. He always request songs from the server. lol!

Name : Kernel Sandi Catubig
Estop Nickname: "Colcats"
B-day : April 3, 1986
Address: Tibasak, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: dota, tv, movie, duty
Favorite Line: "Kalai", "atai"
About Him: He's kind, sometimes he make some nasty things. He is always having his duty with his girlfriend.

Name : Donhenley Luardo
Estop Nickname: "miming", "Seifer", "baboy"
B-day : December 30, 1985
Address: Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: RF, dota, body building
Favorite Line: "miiiiiiiiiiing", "grabeh ka lolz"
About Him: Dan is a kind person, whenever you have approach him, he well entertain you nicely. He is also a person with sense of humor and his jokes are always "nasa lugar".

Name : Earl V. Diez
Estop Nickname: "Saikathos"
B-day : February 19, 1987
Address: Malaybalay, Bukidnon
Interest: dota, tv, movie, playing video games.
Favorite Line: "Kapa nimo!"
About Him: He is the best programmer in the family. Always in front of the computer playing games, especially RF Online.

Name : Carlo Martin A. Sarausa
Estop Nickname: "X"
B-day : April 27, 1987
Address: Valencia, Bukidnon
Interest: dota, poker, RF online, body building
Favorite Line: "Yawa", "Kapa", Gong-gong!"
About Him: One of the big man in the Estop Family, nice, funny, likes to hangout with his ECE friends particularly in "inuman session" and "poker" Yeah!

Name : Edward Rosales
Estop Nickname: "Ed", "edward libat"
B-day :
Address: Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental
Interest: dota, body building, Anne
Favorite Line: "ui ui ui", "grabeh ka lolz"
About Him: Ed is a nice and enthusiastic person. Always smiling and I never seen this person angry even once. He is also a tactician when it comes to dota.

Name : Romel L. Tianzon
Estop Nickname: "Chuchu", "Chanex", "BABZ"
B-day :
Address: Talakag, Bukidnon
Interest: RF, manga, youtube, kaon(patambok)
Favorite Line: "Looooooolz!",
About Him: This man is the biggest of the family in weight. Chuchu is also a kind person. Approachable that when you want to borrow money, he will lend you whenever their is.

Name :
Estop Nickname: "edni"
B-day :
Address: Mambajao, Camiguin
Interest: RF, Tantra
Favorite Line: "grabeh ka lolz"
About Him: Hmm.. This man has his own world when he is in Estop because he never play dota when everyone is playing. Whenever you see him in the cafe, you will see him playing RF or browsing the Friendster.

Name : Romualdo B. Marbas Jr.
Estop Nickname: "RoTer"
B-day : October 9, 1987
Address: Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: Counter Strike, RF, body building, Inum
Favorite Line: "Yati", "kapa"
About Him: RoTer, the mr.nice-guy. This man is nice to be with when it comes to "inuman session". But you can trust this guy all the time.

Name : Neil P. Espera
Estop Nickname: "Nigitza"
B-day : March 15, 1986
Interest: RF, dota
Favorite Line: "horse in d house", "lols"
About Him: Neil, fastest when it comes to food. A funny but nice guy. He is the one that finishes college on time. That is what I admire in him the most.

Name : Jan Michael Vincent G. Tapulgo
Estop Nickname: "Jantaps"
B-day : April 4, 1986
Address: Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: dota, poker, RF online, Ikariam career, WOW
Favorite Line: "ka yawa ba sad!", "Kapa!", "jampax na!"
About Him: Jampax is also a kind person, you can trust this person at all times. Whenever the gang has outing, his always there when his vacant.

Name : Ralph Rombon B. Marbas
Estop Nickname: "Rad"
B-day : July 26, 1986
Address: Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: RF, dota, dota and RF tournament
Favorite Line: "maobah", "lolz ka", "kayawa basad"
About Him: Rad, he is the kind of person that has care for everyone. Also fun to be with, but sometimes a serious one.

Name : Reginal R. Tianga
Estop Nickname: "Joey"
B-day : April 3, 1988
Address: Kalilangan, Bukidnon
Interest: dota, RF, tv, Movie,
Favorite Line: "Imong Nose!", "atai"
About Him: He is the RF addict just like the other member of the family. He spends most of his free time in the cafe.

Name : Ryan R. Parcon
Estop Nickname: "Ryan Bangason", "CP9", "Bangason"
B-day :
Address: Wao, Lanao del Sur
Interest: dota, tv, Movie, manga, youtube
Favorite Line: "pisti!"
About Him: Bangason, What I like with this friend of mine is that, when in "inuman session", he is the one that has the biggest amount of contribution. When you see him in the cafe, you will see him reading the latest issues of naruto and bleach manga when there's no playing of dota. Or you'll see him watching video clips in youtube and crunchyroll.

Name : Van John Bandivas
Estop Nickname: "Pachuchay"
B-day : May 7, 1986
Address: Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental
Interest: DOTA, manga, anime
Favorite Line: 'jah?", "maobah?"
About Him: Pachuchay, the forum boi. He always read forums for dota to get and know the latest tactics about DOTA. He also love to read anime manga especially naruto. He's favorite dota hero, "The Priestess of the Moon".

Name : Mikhail Alan A. Olavides
Estop Nickname: "Ing-ing"
B-day : October 20, 1987
Address: Terry Hills Sub. Bulua, Cagayan de Oro
Favorite Line:
About Him:

Name : Graeme David V. Gallego
Estop Nickname: "graeme"
B-day : April 11, 1989
Address: Initao, Misamis Oriental
Interest: RF, dota, table tennis
Favorite Line: "grabeh ka lols"
About Him: Graeme, a silent person. But when its time to dota, the wild type will come out. He also likes to hangout and have "inuman session" with the gang.

Name : Andrei Macabale
Estop Nickname: "Astang" "Astang B. _____"
B-day :
Interest: Donwload, dota, LAN games
Favorite Line: "maobah?", "tigulang"
About Him: Astang, I think his the oldest in the family, i dunno with "bangason". But what I like the most when he is in the cafe is that, when they see each other with "bangason", they always argue of who's the oldest between the two of then. The would always call each other "tigulang", means "OLD"

Name : James Abitago
Estop Nickname: "James Wade"
B-day :
Address: Iligan, Lanao del Norte
Interest: dota, WOW, RF, "inuman session", girls
Favorite Line: "grabeh ka lolz"
About Him: James Wade, his nickname was a combination of Lebron James and Dwyne Wade. Whenever girls is around, James is very active. hehe.. He is fun of having textmates and always have eyeball on them. When it's time for "inuman session" and chix are around, James buys most of the beer and liquor.

Name : Naxogyl C. Miraflor
Estop Nickname: "naxo"
B-day : August 24, 1987
Address: Patag, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: dota, basketball
Favorite Line: "lolz"
About Him: Naxo, the mr.nice-guy type. When it comes to chix, he has always the guts. He's the first one who will approach the girl, what we call "bagag lips", PEACE!.

Name : Kristian Mahal Gajita
Estop Nickname: "Mahal!"
B-day :
Address: Iponan, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: dota, Tantra
Favorite Line: "Atai", "Bai"
About Him: Mahal, the silent type person. But when playing dota, turns noisy. But this man has a high temper when it comes to "kanchawan" or bullies just like Rad.

Name : Michael John B. Lagumbay
Estop Nickname: "lagumbay", "lags"
B-day : September 15, 1986
Address: Macanhan Carmen, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: dota, textmate, anime, choir
Favorite Line: "jah"
About Him: Lags, what we call "solid ug lawas". You can rarely see him in the cafe. What's the thing that i don't like about him is his way of laughing, it's so damn annoying that you will want to punch him. hahaha...

Name : Jonas Basco
Estop Nickname: "Ungas", "jonas", "basco"
B-day :
Address: Balulang, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: music band, "inuman session"
Favorite Line: "jah?"
About Him: Basco, the bassist, just standing by at the cafe and never plays dota with the gang. He's interist is on music and not on gaming.

Name : Eduard Pimentel
Estop Nickname: "siololok", "sio"
B-day :
Address: Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: RF, dota, Warcraft, Counter Strike
Favorite Line: "lolz", "grabeh ka lolz"
About Him: Sio, the noisiest among the members but has a kind heart. Spends most of his time at the cafe. We call each other "pala-iyot". hahaha..

Name :
Estop Nickname: "Ryan gamay"
B-day :
Interest: dota, RF, Warcraft, basketball
Favorite Line: "lolz ka!", "kapa nimo"
About Him: Ryan Gamay, also one of the noisiest in the family but a nice man. A computer game addict and the slimiest of the group.

Name :
Estop Nickname: "Neilson"
B-day :
Interest: Online games
Favorite Line: "jah?"
About Him: Nelson, he foccuses on playing one online game at a time. You can also see him rarely in the cafe.

Name :
Estop Nickname:
B-day :
Favorite Line:
About Him:

Name :
Estop Nickname: "Go"
B-day :
Interest: RF, Ragnarok, dota, warcraft, "Kim"
Favorite Line: "lols", "grabeh ka lols"
About Him: Go, also the computer game addict. Spend all time of the day in the cafe. He is also a noisy person, but he's a nice guy.

Name : John Carlo Lacerna
Estop Nickname: "Dagul"
B-day :
Address: Balulang, Cagayan de Oro
Interest: body building
Favorite Line: "ahh ahh ahh", "kanang kanang kanang"
About Him: Dagul, the shortest on the group. You can see him quiet often in the cafe. spent most of his time in the gym, but is around when times of outing.

Estop : Divisoria!

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This blog is intended for the gamers of the estop family in Divisoria. Here you can see pictures of the family. Their everyday life in the cafe, their bloopers, and the funny moments while playing video game. You can see also the outings of the players. Feel free to comment and say something for the family.


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