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The Barber by Neil Espera

Published by Enes under , on 12:19 AM

It’s been a while since I haven’t posted anything here. After how many months of working my as*, finally I was able to post again! Damn, I’m not in the mood now, were having a quarrel with my girlfriend. Lol. This is the way I let my anger out, writing. :D So as for the story, here it goes..

My friend Neil texted me, and want me to post a story from him. I wasn’t able to post this immediately because I happen not to read the last part of his text. So the story goes…

In a barber shop…

Barber: “God doesn’t exist because if there is God, there will be no suffering.”

The man didn’t reply to avoid arguments, and then left the shop. Outside, he saw a beggar with long dirty hair. The man went back to the shop.

Man: “You know, barbers don’t exist.”

Barber: “Can’t you see I’m a barber?”

Man: “If barbers exist, there would be no man with long dirty hair.”

Barber: “It’s just that, they don’t come to me.”

Man: “Same with God, if people will just come to Him, there will be no suffering…”



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