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PALEA filed a new strike notice

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Looks like the worst is yet over from flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) as its ground crew union filed a new notice of strike last Friday before the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Citing unfair labor practices, the Philippine Airlines Employees’ Association (PALEA) through its president Gerry Rivera, accused the PAL managers of talking with employees individually, convincing them to accept the mass layoff which will be implemented because of the planned outsourcing of the airline company. The said outsourcing of some services by PAL has already been approved by Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz.

Rivera said they decided to file the notice of strike because the said attempt by the management to convince union members individually constitutes interference in their right to self-organization. “These are issues separate although related to the question of the mass layoffs recently decided by the labor secretary,” he added.

The new notice of strike is the second by PALEA this year. The first was last January wherein the union, representing more than half of the company’s rank and file employees, threatened a strike when it learned of the airline’s management’s plan to outsource its services.

Services that would be outsourced would include in-flight catering operations, airport services and call center reservations, which is said to affect 2,600 employees. The PAL management, for its part, said the outsourcing of services will help them save on costs and make the company more competitive.

Last October, DOLE ruled that the outsourcing plan was “a legal exercise of management prerogative,” which prevented the PALEA from pushing through with the first strike plan. In their recent notice however, PALEA charged management with bargaining directly with union members which it said “is tantamount to interference with, restraint, and coercion of employees in the exercise of their right to self-organization.”

Rivera said the mass layoff, which will lead to the dismissal of 62 percent of the present union leadership is tantamount to union busting. “The 1,000 union members who will remain then will be the subject of the next round of outsourcing which is already in management’s drawing boards and will be perfectly legal using the Baldoz decision as a precedent,” he said.

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